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Our Story

la nostra storia

Radio Taxi Quattro Mori Cooperative was established on 24/04/1981 by the will of many taxi drivers, who pushed by the awareness and desire to provide a better service to the city of Cagliari and hinterland.

Another reason was major changes, social and economic, and the new needs to move fast in the city of a class – bourgeoisie – which becomes the dominant class after the economic growth.

Another element of «the big change» was the arrival of mass tourism, that now also in Sardinia was beginning growing. The history and natural beauties present throughout the region make Sardinia one of the most popular tourist destinations. A further reason that has led to an increase in tourism in Sardinia is the increase in flights over the a

  • 11.09.1981 the Cooperative equipped itself with the first radio system and took over the first receptionists, allowing the management of customer calls and passing the communication between the entire fleet. The service starts at 7:00 and ends at 22:00.
  • 1983 the Cooperative approves his internal regulations and establishes and decide to use the abbreviations of the cities of Cagliari, Milan, Naples, Venice and Rome for the recognition of the various taxis.
  • 1984 the working hours are increased by extending it until 1:00 am, with the addition of new receptionists and, above all, thanks to the occasional collaboration of the single members in the switchboard.
  • 1985 establishes priorities on the races to be assigned; the routes to and from hospitals have priority over all the others.
  • 1989 start to used the closed circuit for radio transmissions
  • 2005 implementation of the Radiotaxi service with the use of new cloud technologies, remotizing the call center service from the central Digitax in Palermo, guaranteeing the cooperative a great reduction in costs and an increasingly complete service for all its customers.

The first decades have passed by overcoming important economic difficulties that have occurred over the years. Now a new challenge awaits us: making the Cooperative more competitive, modern and the forefront of the contemporary market.


Fixed Positions

  • Airport of Elmas
  • Largo Carlo Felice
  • Stazione Ferrovie trains and buses
  • Viale Buoncammino
  • Viale Trento
  • Fiera Campionaria
  • Piazzale Amsicora
  • Largo Gennari
  • Piazza Giovanni XXIII
  • Piazza Yenne
  • Piazza Garibaldi
  • Piazza Repubblica
  • Ospedale S. Michele
  • Ospedale S.S. Trinità
  • Ospedale Oncologico
  • Via Italia
  • Ospedale Marino
  • Poetto (spiaggia) prima fermata
  • Piazza Costituzione
Posteggi Fissi

Our Cars

La Cooperativa Radio Taxi 4 Mori dispone di un ampio parco auto per soddisfare qualsiasi necessità Berline, Station Wagon, Monovolume, da 5 o più posti, Basse oppure Pet Friendly.

Berlina/Station Wagon
4 passengers
5 - 6 passengers
for Old People or Pet Friendly


Taxi SolidarietàThe Radiotaxi Quattro Mori Cooperative, thanks to the contribution of all members and collaborators, intends to offer support to people who are living in difficult situations and to sensitize the community to the various problems of the regional territory and beyond.

For this reason we organize solidarity events aimed at helping those in need, alongside the TUTTI TAXI PER AMORE association, which was founded in 2015 by the will of four Roman taxi drivers and which subsequently spread throughout the country.

In this regard, the events that have been organized so far have been three:

  • The national event called “The tree of blood does not exist” promoted by the association “TUTTI TAXI PER LOVE”, thanks also to the collaboration of the Thalassa Azione Cagliari association, organized the first blood collection at the Avis headquarters on March 31, 2018 of via Talete in Cagliari. On that occasion, 41 people were donated, including 30 taxi drivers. It is hoped that this event will become a regular event during the year, also due to the fact that our region has a great need for blood donors.
  • The event entitled “Genoa does not give up” starts after the tragedy that struck the city of Genoa with the collapse of the Morandi bridge and it’s organized by all the drivers of Genoa, Rome, Milan, Brescia, Naples, Florence, Turin , Verona, La Spezia, Sanremo, Ventimiglia, Ceriale, Albenga, Varazze, Bologna, Padua and others.

This initiative includes the display on their car sticker with the words “Genoa does not give up” and the donation of 10.00 euros from each taxi driver. The proceeds will be used to finance a project for the Genoa Firefighters’ cannon units, which continue to work to research and save many missing persons in cases of calamity and disasters.

  • Finally, the event that is based on the project “Cagliari Città Cardioprotetta”, organized together with the municipal administration of Cagliari and the Rotary Club Cagliari, establishes the birth of the “Taxi of the heart”. On March 24th, 2018, the Rotary Club of Cagliari donated 12 semiautomatic defibrillators to the Cooperative. After on careful training of taxi drivers, they were installed in twelve taxis, allowing them to set up a mobile network of rescuers in order to intervene in a few minutes in case of arrest cardiac occurred in a public place.